Now Offering Electric Cryotherapy

Revolutionary Patent Pending Transparent PEMF Mat

For Red Light Therapy Beds

Scientific Backing

Built on a foundation of scientific research to ensure effective and safe treatments.


No need for multiple devices; our mat offers dual therapy modes in a single, easy-to-use format.


Improved Comfort

Soft silicone material provides a more comfortable experience than conventional glass beds.


Compatible with any existing red light therapy bed, making it a versatile addition to your wellness regimen.

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Enhanced Benefits of Combining PEMF with Red Light Therapy

Dual-Action Therapy

Red light therapy and PEMF work together to provide a comprehensive treatment that addresses multiple aspects of wellness. While red light therapy improves cellular health and regeneration through direct light exposure, PEMF stimulates cellular repair and enhances circulation through electromagnetic fields. This dual-action approach leads to faster and more pronounced benefits.

What Is PEMF?

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, operates by delivering gentle electromagnetic pulses to the body, mimicking the natural frequencies of the Earth's magnetic field. These low-frequency pulses penetrate deep into the body, influencing cellular behavior and promoting various physiological processes. 


How To Use


Lay the mat on the glass of your red light therapy bed.


Plug the mat into a standard power outlet.


Start your therapy session with the press of a button.


After use, simply fold and store the mat until next time.


Product Dimensions

1825 X 680 X 10 mm


Transparent Silicone


Variable Pulses

Power Requirement

100 - 240V ~ 50-60 Hz

Session Time

10 - 30 minutes

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